Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Our son Matthew (who is a filmmaker/editor) has been working on a fundraising project on Kickstarter for a great new video game for mobile devices. It's called the Halfling Wars. If you donate $6.00 you will have a chance to win the free mini ipad! Just go to: and sign up for the ipad. Then if you go to and type in Halfling Wars in the search bar, you'll get to the site where you can pledge the $6.00 or whatever amount you want! You'll actually have a chance to receive tons of really cool products related to the game, depending on the amount you pledge! Kickstarter is an amazing fundraising site and Halfling Wars is a great video game so hope you'll visit the site and help support this great project. Whatever amount you donate you'll receive tons of great things for your support. Also, our other son Michael who is a composer is working on some music for the video game that he will submit to hopefully be chosen for the game! So, lots of great things going on with our sons!
Thanks so much!

Be sure to see the previous post! I've shared some really beautiful pictures along with the sites where I found them!! Would love to hear from you! Comment if you like the pictures of have any other thoughts to share!

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