Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So beautiful!!!

anna silivonchik
anne crahay
anne crahay
anne crahay
au revoir les enfants
bateaux de papier
the wonderful artist, Bonnard
camilla engman......this is so fantastic, my favorite photo on this post!
painting by chagall
artist, David Lafrance
ici et maintenant......this makes me miss the ocean so much!!!
from just three things blog
kristin vestgard, the most incredible artist! i love her paintings!
la casita
maison paulette

i haven't been able to post on my blog for so long; was having trouble getting the photo upload icon to show up. tried using my husband's computer and it worked, so finally have a chance to share some great pictures with you. hopefully i'll be able to get the pictures to upload on my own computer. hope you'll enjoy these.


Sabrina R. Molinar said...

Love all the photos,especially the sea glass. It also makes me miss living near the ocean.

Kim Corey said...

How do you find so many beautiful pictures to share? I love them. They're lovely and inspiring!

I'm writing a deserved response to the convo email you sent me soon...Sorry it's taken so long.
Kim @Bonne Nuit Designs