Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our beautiful art will be at the American Visionary Art Museum!

We are so excited!! Our wonderful art will be at AVAM, the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland in a year long exhibit that begins very, very soon......October 6th!! They will be exhibiting our two incredible Fairy Treehouses, many of our beautiful fairy furniture, our little sculptural nature characters and quite a few of our paintings as well. The museum will be displaying our art in such an unusual way and we are so excited that our pieces can be in such a wondrous, magical and amazing museum. AVAM is the 4th top museum in the United States, even above the Met and other famous museums. It is also the #1 museum in the U.S. for children, but it is a very unique museum for all ages showing visionary art, outsider art, the work of self taught artists and naive artists. It is truely the most amazing museum I have ever seen! We just took our work to the museum several weeks ago and were just so thrilled to have our work there and to be there to see it again. (We actually had our work in AVAM in their very first inaugural exhibit in 1995 and our treehouse was chosen the 4th favorite work of art out of all the 400 pieces in the exhibit!!! So, we were very excited when we were invited to have our work back at AVAM again!) I hope you will be able to visit the museum and see our work there along with all the other incredible art in their special exhibit "The Art of Storytelling".

We really hope to go to the opening of the exhibit which is a preview party the day before the official public opening. So, hope you'll go to our etsy shops and order some of our wonderful artwork. We have tons of incredible paintings, sculptures and other great art:

Love to hear from any of you!! Here is the link to AVAM:
(article about the exhibit with mention of our art!!)

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