Saturday, August 20, 2011

i am still the child i've always been......

i love being happy. when i am happy, nothing else really matters. my birthday was the other day and it was so wonderful. my friends were there and my family, except for my mom and our other son. i feel like part of me is missing because i miss them so much. it seems like a crime that i haven't seen my mom or my son in so long. i ask sometimes, why is that? what is going on? why can't i see them? it's always because we don't have enough money. it is so frustrating. i wish i could just get in our car and drive to see them, whether we have the money or not. life shouldn't be like that. money shouldn't make people have to miss their loved ones so much.

our son is a wonderful young man. i miss him so much. and my mom is so special, too. i just keep praying and praying that we can see them soon. the child in me that keeps going is still there, not giving up. i won't give up on my dreams, especially to see our son and my mom, really soon.

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