Thursday, August 25, 2011

we are held on by delicate threads.......

a white, melting star that falls from a lake of tiny diamonds,
it talks to clouds and snow and wonders why the grass always wanats to dance. but blue, dark skies peer from the lake and find the night as it walks in it's is dreaming of a cool night.
i remember a pink dress, wonderful and light and beautiful. it swirled with me as i danced in the flowers.
pieces of tattered lace, tiny threads and beads so delicate and glistening, i felt as if i were in a princess land.
bright faces, children laughing....hiding,
silly afternoons,
dreams divine and eloquent.
running through light,
sleep and rest in a quiet, darkened lovely room where sounds were like a language from another land.
walk in shoes that bring back stars from diamonds.
threads, threads.....the tiniest most precious threads that touch our hands and souls with heaven, remembering a garden so beautiful and pure.
a child whose heart is like a bird.
the brightness of the sun in my hair as i dance about a room of flowers and trees.
the lovely glimmer of hope and joy....
as i see the love, nearly invisible but speaking to me, a locket of eden.

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