Tuesday, March 22, 2011

winds and sunshine, friends from far away......

i really miss the ocean. it seems like when i feel sad or alone......the ocean is often what comes to my mind. there is such a mystery and serenity about the sea. i like that we do not completely understand it.....it leaves an unsolved beauty for us in it's unexplained spirit. i miss being outside. too often, i spend hours indoors, finding myself looking out the window to the world beyond the door. but i need to live somewhere beautiful......a place that inspires me, makes my life feel wondrous and curious and alive. i hope i can find the motivation and the energy to find that beautiful, ethereal, wonderful place i dream of so often. england......france, or ireland, or even just some quiet cove by the sea where i can walk along the shore and think of all the places the waves have been. i would love to travel. the world is such an amazing place. why stay in one place and miss it all? debbie

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