Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's unbelievable disaster.....

We have been following the disaster in Japan every day and are just in shock at how utterly terrible the situation is there. It must feel like it's the end of the world there for them. Seeing the pictures and videos of what's going on there is just heartwrenching. The Japanese people are so calm and humble. There is no looting going on, no anger, no giving up. People there are so dedicated to helping one another, to having hope and faith.....they are amazing to me. They have great dignity and humility in the most overwhelming, horrible situation I have ever seen in my life......and I'm sure it is way worse for everyone there. Seeing everything on tv is bad enough, but living with it as the people in Japan are, must be excrutiatingly painful and all too real. My brother and his wife live in Japan, in Tokyo and we are so worried about them. I've heard from him via email and Facebook several times, but I just wish they were here in the U.S. They actually are very seriously thinking of leaving Japan and coming back to the U.S. They are expecting their first child and are very worried for their baby, as well as themselves. We haven't heard from them all day now; I know it must be really agonizing to make such a crucial decision about whether to stay or leave. He has a very good job there and his wife's family is there, so I don't know how he will come to a decision about this terrible situation they are in. The problem with the radiation in Japan is like a terrible nightmare. I just can't imagine how terrified the people must be there, especially all those dedicated people who have put their lives in harm's way to try to solve the nuclear plant problems. I wish there had never been nuclear plants built.....it is all so unstable, so precarious......the danger they pose to the world. I wish they would just shut them all done, everywhere in the world. It's not a game. I think sometimes the world leaders race to outdo the other countries......to have more nuclear plants, more weapons, etc. It will all end in a terribly way with such negative powers. If only we could just rely on wind and solar and ocean power. There's so many better ways to give us power; nuclear power is just so dangerous. I hope and pray this terrible, terrible situation can be resolved before we are all affected. The people in Japan deserve to have happier lives than what is happening to them right now. I hope we will all pray for them and do all we can to help these good people who are suffering terribly. Debbie

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