Friday, September 17, 2010


It is amazing how life can one day can be so different than others. I have been so discouraged and down lately, off an on feeling a little happier and encouraged, but this morning, things are different. All because of people! People are so important in our lives. To not be alone, to feel like you are cared about and not forgotten is just so extremely important. My husband and I both struggle with days when we feel very discouraged and sad, and looking back, sometimes it feels like those emotions take so much away from what could be, what happiness we could have, what we could accomplish in our lives. But, because of two people who showed so much love and appreciation of us, Mike and I both feel so much happier today, so encouraged and full of hope. It isn't good to be alone. We need friends, we need family and others to make us feel like we mean something in this life. Whenever we are together with our families, we are happy. Our lives are perfect!!! Friends are so important, too. Last night, a couple came over for dinner and it was just so wonderful to spend time with them. They helped us to feel so good about ourselves, too and it was so great to hear about their lives, their families and what is important and special to them. It was so inspiring and comforting to hear their comments about our artwork. We sit at home in the evenings a lot, working on our art, watching movies or whatever, but it's lonely, it's fun and Mike and I love being together, but it's sometimes very lonely. So, we realized we need to invite people over more to get together and visit and just have fun together. With the world being filled with such depressing news and events, we need to turn to each other for friendship and comfort and happiness. I just feel so much better, I have so much more hope about life, it just boosted my spirits so much to be with people. It's amazing. How thankful I am for people. We all need each other so much. Now, we are going to invite people over a lot more, or just get together with people. It just helps so much to be with others. I have been looking for a job and haven't found anything yet; some days I just get so discouraged, but now I feel so renewed and have hope again and courage!! It's wonderful!
Here are some pictures of our families and some friends. I couldn't find some of the pictures I was looking for so hopefully, I'll do another post soon about family and friends and show some more pictures.
The first picture is Mike, of course (my husband). The next picture is all of us at our son
Michael's college graduation (Michael and his wife Caressa, Matthew, our other son and our friend Matthew, who we've known for years; I'll post some pictures of his family soon). Next.....(I love this picture) this is our little family when our sons were very little; at Knoxberry Farm). All of us at our son Matthew's college graduation. Mike's brother Pat and his wife Sherri. My brother Joe. My nephew Baker. My brother David and his wife Jinni. Our son Michael (with the cool beard) and his wife Caressa and her family. Matthew and his wife Brittnee. My Mom. My Mom and Dad. Mike with my niece Nina's sons. Nina and her children and I. Mike's brother Dan and his wife Kathy and their family.
We visited with most everyone here this summer and it was so wonderful. Except we haven't seen our son Michael and Caressa in a long time, since Christmas. We really miss them and are trying to work it out so we can see them soon, too! What I pray about the most is to be all together with our families! That is what is most important to me. It's so difficult to be away from your family!!
Hope you didn't mind me sharing all this. I just am really touched by how people bless my life!
I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting my blog.....I would love to hear from you!

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