Sunday, July 11, 2010

i miss the rain!

it is summer, for sure, hot and bright sun, which i love, but i really miss the rain, too. where we are from in washington, it rained a lot and it's funny, i do miss that. everything is so green there. i'm so excited.....we are finally going on a vacation! next week or the next, we are going back to washington! i can hardly wait. we're going to see my mom and some of mike's family, too. and of course we will go to the beach!!! i love the ocean.
hope you are having a wonderful summer and getting outside a lot. i need to spend more time outside.

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Sabrina R. Molinar said...

i love all the green of washington,but having been born and raised in southern california means i don't do to well away from the sunshine.
have a wonderful vacation!