Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kooky's Return: the most amazing movie ever made!!!!!

I am totally obsessed with this movie!!!!! I have never, ever been so excited about any film as I am about this one. "Kooky's Return" is the most amazing, imaginative, crazy, quirky, wonderful film ever made. So unusual and so funny and sweet. It is about a little teddy bear but it has the most incredible characters I have ever seen. Mostly filmed in the forest, using real, handmade little people, animals and the oddest, most curious creatures you'll ever see.......made from things from the forest, worn out fabrics, metal, plastic, all kinds of wonderful materials.
If you go to google and look for "Kooky's official page", that will take you to the real website about the film. Then go to Kooky's Facebook page and there you can see trailers of the film and the most incredible, amazing videos of the making of the movie. You can also see the film on Youtube in English. You really need to hear the story in English because it's such a great story. "Kooky's Return" is from Czechoslovakia; the director is Jan Sverak, who has done some really wonderful feature films. "Kooky's Retrun" is a feature film but it is so different, I absolutely cannot wait to see it. It is now showing in Czechoslovakia, it opened in theaters this May here, but won't be available on DVD in the U.S. until next October. I actually wrote to the director about how to purchase the film and I was so surprised that he wrote me back. So, we'll have to wait until the fall to see the actual film but the trailers and the making of the movie videos are wonderful for now. I really hope you will go to the "Kooky's Return" website and see the trailers, etc. It is so wonderful!!!!!
Let me know what you think!!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are!

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mekele said...

Finally here's the new Kooky trailer with Engish dubbing.