Friday, October 09, 2009

have been very busy!!

i can't believe how much artwork i have been able to do in the past 7 months since we have had our studio/gallery. it has been such a gift to have this incredible space to work in. every day i have had that to look forward to, to go to our studio, our special place where we can feel the spirit of our paintings and our treehouses, our little fairy furniture and characters and all the beautiful things we have made. i feel so blessed and grateful to be an artist, to be able to create and share the gifts that God has given me with others. i have felt so inspired lately.....and have made so many things. i am very happy with my creativity right now. i am breaking into new styles and ideas, finding new motivation and abilities and faith in myself. it is truely wonderful. mike, too, has been incredibly creative and energetic in his art. we both have been so blessed by our studio.
but sadly, we are not sure if we can keep our space. we have been doing the farmer's market all summer and that has enabled us to pay for our studio, but now, with only two weeks left, we are uncertain if we will be able to maintain the rent on our studio. i have tried to find someone who would like to share it with us, one or two artists, who would be thrilled to have a space to work on their art or crafts, but to no avail. if anyone knows of someone who is looking for a wonderful place to work on their art, please let me know. our studio/gallery is in downtown Salt Lake City in a wonderful area. i can give them more details if they (or you) contact me. i am desperate to find some other artists to share our studio with, so we can keep it. i can't bring myself to even think about moving everything out of leave and to close the door, not able to go back. it has been a haven and a wondrous gift for us. please contact us if you need a place to work on your art!!! it changes your life as an artist!!
i hope you like my new paintings and creations. i cherish them and appreciate how much joy they bring me!!
have a wonderful weekend. it is getting cold here, but i am finally getting used to it.

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Amy Wright said...

Hi Debbie,
I bought one of your paintings at the Salt Lake Farmers market last weekend- the painting with the purple tree- and I was wondering if the painting has a name?
It was great to meet you, thank you for sharing your creativity :)

-Amy Wright