Friday, September 25, 2009

New paintings......

here are 3 of my newer paintings.......i am really painting a lot, lately. i sold the last painting (the one of the mountain scene) to a girl from New York. i was so excited!! i have sold so many pieces of my little fairy furniture over the past 20 years and that is always thrilling to me, too, but since i am relatively new at painting, i am so humbled by someone appreciating my paintings enough to actually buy one. i've really sold a lot of paintings over the summer. it's such a surprise! we've been doing the Farmer's Market here and we've just had such a great experience!!
i have been thinking a lot about my blog lately.....wondering how i can make it better, be motivated to post things more often, make my blog more interesting so more people will visit and enjoy it......i wish i had more of theme that i could focus on. we recently went to see the film Julie and Julia......mike and i just loved it. such a great film. but what i liked about it most of all was that Julie, a woman who really appreciated Julia Child......decided to write totally about the cooking of Julia Child. she decided to cook one of her recipies from her cook book for an entire year, or until she had prepared every recipe. i just thought it was so great that she had a goal or a real project she was working on with her that gave her a reason to post every day!! i guess i mostly want to post about something special that will interest readers enough that they will want to visit my blog every day. i love the friendships and the appreciation and the closeness i feel to people with my blog, but i just don't hear from enough people. i need to make my blog more unique and significant. anyway......i have some ideas, but still mulling them around.
i love so many blogs. i spend at least an hour or more a day visiting all the blogs i just love. i am so thankful for all of them, the beauty each person shares and their innovative, creative and amazing ideas......i don't know what i'd do if i couldn't visit these incredible beautiful worlds!!
thank you all of you!
more later. hope to hear from someone. i appreciate anyone who visits and especially who comments. i spend so much time by myself at our gallery or at home, any comments i receive just bring me so much joy!! thank you!
have a happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

oh, such lovely paintings dear. i especially love the one in the middle where the flowers are bigger than the houses, its like something out of a magical film like alice in wonderland! ♥

a mouse said...

oooh sooo lovely.
you are swimming with fairies!
have you made you-tube videos?
i feel like ive seen you before.
maybe in the world of fae! :)
i love your energy! its wonderful!
♥ xoxo ♥

Christie Franke said...

Those are beautiful paintings! I bought two of your paintings at the farmer's market this summer-I'm the one who special ordered the print of the woman in the upside-down background. Thanks for sharing your art with us all!!!

wildishwun said...

I just discovered your blog today and all of your beautiful work! I think your blog is great the way you are doing it. I too spend time reading blogs and use it to keep from being lonely. Blogs have really awakened me to how many truly lovely people are out there in the world. The blogs I like the best are the ones where people share their inspirations and daily lives and thoughts. Keep up the good work! Leah