Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wonderful News!!! We have opened our own gallery!!!

After being artists for 21 years, we have finally opened our own gallery!! We are so thrilled!! I don't know why it has taken us so long, but we are finally at that path that we have dreamt of so often. To have a place of our own to share our beautiful art with others!! I still am amazed when we open the door and there in front of us are all of our beautiful paintings, sculptures, fairy furniture and houses and little characters there waiting for us, as if to say......here we are!! Now everyone can visit us and enjoy the beauty we love to share!! I hope you will visit our new gallery if you live in Utah or are visiting in Utah. We are on Pierpont Avenue, which is a very unique area with shops, galleries, architects and designers offices and other great businesses. It is one very long building with all the businesses there, one after the other. It is near the Gateway Mall and many other up-scale restaurants, shops and businesses. It's a great area.
We are also going to be giving children's art classes there, too!! We are very excited about that!! We'll be teaching how to make our wonderful fairy furniture, fairy houses and little people and also painting, sculpture, collage and other great classes. Contact us if you're interested in our classes for children.
So excited. Miracles do happen.
Here is the information about our gallery and our children's classes:
(Our gallery name is:)
Marcel and Florette's Curious Menagerie
351 West Pierpont Ave.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Our children's classes are two hours long; we provide the materials and tools and they are $25 per child for the two hour class. We will be giving our Fairy Furniture classes weekdays and Saturdays; times: Weekdays: 12:30 to 2:30 and 3:30 to 5:30; Saturdays: same times or we can arrange for earlier or later times as well.
These will be absolutely wonderful classes; the children that we have taught before were so thrilled and excited about learning this wonderful, beautiful art!
Hope you'll call us to sign up for a class soon!!


oldflowers4me said...

how wonderful-take lots of photos....oh your shop space will be over the top divine....

Brittnee Ann said...

I'm happy for you both, congratulations on coming to that point in your life!

I'm sorry we have been so busy (Matt and I have things that go on during the week, Monday's are the only days we don't have anything). We could come see your gallery on sunday but of course it will be clo
sed :) So we plan on coming and we are excited to see it, it's just going to be a bit before we can...

Let us know how your classes go!

nadia said...

congrats! how wonderful! please take picture for those who can not visit!

JuliaRose said...

How wonderful..a special place for others to visit ...I wish I could...I hope to see photos of your new sacred space...xx

mansuetude said...

congratulations on your new opening doors. there are some beautiful thoughts on your blogs, stories.

This winding world so visual, it reminds me of the wind in the willows a bit. opens the imagination.