Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Amazing Day!! A New Future!!

Such a historic, wonderful, sacred day!! Our beautiful country, America, seems touched with a new light, a new heart and hope and a feeling of brightness and joy!! How my soul is touched with almost a childlike excitement and anticipation of the future! I am filled with such gratitude for this day, when the people of our country have so much closeness and comfort with each other, that there is this deserved appreciation of each other. I pray that we will all work together in being prayerful for President Obama and his family and all the people who will work with our new President, that we will have positive and supportive feelings and thoughts for them......as the work they do is perhaps more difficult than any other work done in the behalf of others. I hope that all people will be prayerful for his safety and protection and and the strength that he will need to govern and lead our county. I am so happy that our country has a leader who will lead with honour and morality and sensibility. A day that we will all remember and cherish.

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