Friday, November 07, 2008

New furniture and pictures of our booth at the show!!

Hello everyone!
I am trying to post more on my blog.....we've been so busy, I just haven't had very much time to devote to my blog; so sorry! We've done several art shows recently, so we've been traveling a lot and it seems like it takes us forever to recover from all that! I would much rather stay in one place and just have a little shop of our own, so we wouldn't have to be gone so much. Travelng is so disorienting! (Does anyone else think so?) Anyway, we have had a wonderful time, though, even with all the driving, but now with winter setting in, we probably won't be doing any art shows very far from home til spring.
I've posted some pictures of some of our newer pieces and also some pictures of our booth at the shows. Our booth was a little different at each show, but this is basically what it was like. Mike and I really love creating a space that has it's own atmosphere and feeling. People really loved our booth. (So sorry for poor quality of the photographs....I should have used our newer camera).
We'll be doing two more shows here in Salt Lake in about a week at the Holiday Food and Gift Show in Sandy, November 14th til the 16th. Then we're doing a really unique show November 28th til December 6th, called the Old World Christmas Market. It will be at the Gallivan Center (for those of you who live in Salt Lake City or know of the area). It will be really fun, I think. It's an outdoor show, but we will have little wooden cottages (with heaters) and it will be like an European old world market. They will have Christmas carolers, other artists (only handmade art and crafts) and Kurt Bestor will be singing, Richard Paul Evans will be doing a reading and they will have the downtown Christmas lighting going on during that time, too. I think it will be really exciting. I hope we can stay warm, but it should be fine. I think it will be a really festive and wonderful holiday show.
I hope you are all having a beautiful time of year. I am so grateful for the way the election turned out. I really think Obama will be a wonderfu president. I really pray for his safety though. I just hope people will be kind and appreciative of him. I thought John McCain's last speech was very kind and humble. He is a great man, too. This time in our country's history, we truely need to be respectful and understanding of one another and be grateful that we live in such a wonderful country. It's an amazing and yet difficult time in our country, with the economy being in such a terrible state. But, I think if we pray for sensibility, honesty and perseverence, we will get through it.
Take care and I would love to hear from any of you!!

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