Tuesday, November 04, 2008

hope for peace and beauty.......

how sad it is that we cannot be kind to each other on this earth. there are those who share love and gentleness with their fellow beings, kindness, their watchword and light. but how i wish there were those whose anger and confusion would fade away and become the sweet music of love from the heart. with this election, i pray that we will all have understanding and patience with one another. how can we heal each other and the deep wounds we all have if we do not show caring and kindess to each other. whatever happens, i pray that we will all be good to each other and be kind and gentle.


Benette said...

je ne comprends pas tout , mais les photos sont magnifiques - tout est poesie, douceur, tendresse et mystère ... c'est simplement somptueux!

PestProJoe said...

Love the image of the blue glass jars by the window.

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