Monday, February 06, 2017

winter sadness

i am feeling very sad. i miss our sons and their families. we are so far away from them, i can't believe we moved so far away. i am hoping and trying to move back to the life i had and to have us all together again. i never thought when we were raising our sons that we would only see them a few times a year. it makes me very sad. i am hoping and praying that we can live closer again. i miss them and our granddaughters and their wives, too. they are all very special to me, more than anyone else.


Debbie M said...

I remember this feeling oh so well. When my daughter and her husband moved away so he could finish college. When he finished college and they lived closer, but still such a distance to travel. And my granddaughters were growing at what seemed to be such a fast rate. Then they moved back "home". To where they both grew up, to be near family. You will be in my thoughts. I see that you are an artist. Perhaps there is something creative you can do during this time? We live in a world where we can video chat to our loved ones. I hope you are able to do that. I am sending you my blessings of love, peace, and joy.

isabelle said...

how I understand this! I've the same problem... I hope there will be a solution, one day ...for you to ...

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