Monday, October 31, 2016

We have a new shop in Washington!!

We just moved back to beautiful Washington state earlier this month and have opened a lovely little shop to share our vintage and antique treasures as well as all of our wonderful art!! We're so excited although it's really hard for us to be away from our two granddaughters Aunika and Lilly. Our other granddaughter Nova lives in California so we miss her, too. (I wish our families all lived in the same town; what a dream come true that would be!) But our shop is really fun and we're so happy to share all the beautiful and unique finds we have and our unusual art.

Our shop is called "Fairy House Vintage"; we named it after our book "Fairy House" and our wonderful fairy houses. It's located in Ocean Park, Washington, which is about 45 minutes from Astoria, Oregon. Our shop is 5 minutes from the beach so we love being so close to the ocean and being able to collect driftwood and shells and feel the fresh sea air. Here is the address:

Fairy House Vintage
1306 Bay Avenue
Ocean Park, Wa.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 5, open some Mondays, also by appointment. 

We would love to have people stop by and see the lovely things we have available and to visit with us. We love talking to people. Hope to see you soon!! 

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