Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our booth at Vintage Whites, Fleattitude, 3 Dotters Vintage, Acorn and other shows......

Beautiful antique fringe at the top of our booth; we use lots of antique and vintage tablecloths and fabric to cover and decorate our tables and shelves

My new idea! A pocket wall to display small items! I made it myself and it was so much fun!

New decoupaged mannequin and other beautiful items....

Boudoir doll, antique framed prints, old violin case and other great treasures!

Beautiful antique and vintage linens, my new decoupaged table and mannequin

100 year old chair from Liverpool, vintage phone table and decoupaged trunk with old softballs

Beautiful vintage dresses, hats, paintings and great finds!

Lots of hand painted china and glassware, silver plated items and lovely old paintings

Different version of our booth. Old boats, antique dry sink, paintings and other wondrous treasures!

Great old vintage dresser, birdcage, child's bike, dolls, hats.....tons of great finds!

Packed with amazing items to collect and treasure, our booth is filled with wonderful items!

Ready to dine in the "old style", antique chairs and table with place settings.....

Full to the brim with antiques, vintage, collectibles, Shabby Chic, farm related items and more!

Great antique fringed tablecloth and an old radio, dining in the old fashioned style

Stepping into our booth is a wondrous and fun experience! We always have so many beautiful items!

Rare finds! Old wood & metal foundry molds for unique display! From Kennecott mines in SLC

We always have lots of beautiful hand painted cups and saucers and lots of great smalls!

Another version of our booth! It's a magical feeling walking into our pretty space!

Our incredible vintage wire garden shelf displaying our beautiful fairy furniture!

Still another view of our booth: pretty, stylish and filled with tons of wonderful treasures!

Our unique little fairy furniture, made from natural and antique materials!

We sell every kind of antique and vintage item! Always looking for the most unusual finds!

Our sales table surrounded by pretty flowers and our book "Fairy House"!

We always have a lovely fashion item with accessories on our antique mannequin.

An amazing piece from an old piano and an organ! Birdcage, paintings and violin case, too!

Unique antique Chinese tapestry, vintage wicker chair from Liverpool and lots of darling little girl's vintage dresses and old aprons

More hand painted china plates and tea cups, hats, and vintage clothes

We love finding wonderful old things.....every kind of antique, vintage, Shabby Chic, French Country, Farm and Rural and collectibles that are unique and different. We always try to make our space as beautiful as we can and create a magical place for people to walk into. 

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