Saturday, December 05, 2015

Never ready for Christmas......

i do love Christmas but it always comes about so quickly and I feel so unprepared emotionally. i used to really anticipate Christmas and love the magic and surprise of this time of year, but i find myself wanting to walk away from it, it comes so early. i don't feel prepared emotionally for all the talk of Christmas, the commercials, the shops, billboards. it just feels like it's too soon every year. does anyone else feel like that? i feel like i'm on the outskirts of something so magical and enchanted, but cannot catch up. 

all of these beautiful photos express how i feel right now about the energy and magic that is swirling around the world. i know Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus. Christmas was born of his life, his work on the Earth, but that seems to be missing from all of this celebration. i love the happy, sweet feeling of this time of year but i just can't keep up with the dreams i wish i were feeling or the happiness i wish i felt, instead of feeling left out and alone.

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