Sunday, November 08, 2015

Cake with Giants and Traveling to the City

Once, I had cake with giants. We became the best of friends and walked along the river and the edge of the forest together. They loved my shoes and sometimes would hide them under the ferns or behind a rock. Big Bear would bring his little car and he would tell me stories about the old trunk where he saved every little rock and leaf he had found. One giant liked to sleep on the grass; he would take naps for three hours and we would wait for him and sing songs about the giant's home in the mountains.

Little Giant came with us one day when we traveled to the city. He had never been there before, but had dreampt about the crowds of people walking down the street and the yellow cars. I wore my long pink dress and forgot my shoes one day so I walked on the grass without them. The grass was cool on my feet and felt soft. We stopped to watch the ants and the butterflies. The river ran along our path with quiet voices and sang to us about the ocean.

Cake with giants.....we stopped to have cake again. Pink cake with yellow frosting. Lavender cake with tiny blue polka dots. Tea and sprinkles of snowflakes. Tired and laughing, we fell asleep and dreampt of finding the forest again.

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