Saturday, September 12, 2015

.....where are you going" she asked,

the light was 
filled with something different that day.
as if a voice from someone had ventured back from a faraway place
to tell them where the land had gone.
the valley was quiet and still.
a mist climbed up towards the sky, crawling slowing like 
the limbs of an old tree, whose line and color
had become craggly. it was covered with thick moss and bark.

a tiny bird stood and watched.
he listened and tried to tell them.
she said, 
where are you going.
where are you going to go now". she asked?

the little bird hopped closer to her and seemed to smile at her eyes. she knew he had told her to not be afraid.

she was content and stood quietly
to feel the stillness around her.

the light was dwindling. she walked beside him along the path.
the air was filled with a delicate smile.

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