Saturday, April 25, 2015

find a hideaway, a favorite place to dream

i walk quietly along the dusty path, the sun gleaming down like a yellow sunflower. watching and waiting for a little place to sit and rest. i need to remember that garden where i found peace and gentleness. i need to find a secret hideaway where i can dream of beauty and kindness and the smiles of life. slipping away to a little cave of flowers and leaves, i sleep for hours. no one knows where i am but i am not bothered or perplexed by the world. nature is healing, the birds soft voices still my emptiness. i feel the presence and spirits of little foxes and rabbits. i wish i could stay here forever. it is a world that i am truly part of. i am not part of the noises and chaos of the cities, where confusion reigns and people are unhappy. the forest and the sea, meadows and hills are my life. i only wish i could stay here forever.

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