Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A day of missing the past......

lately I have really been missing how things were years ago. Our two sons were little, we lived on a little farm in Washington and we spent more time outside. I keep telling myself to open the door and walk outside to feel the air and see the sky. but we live in the city and when I do go outside, I don't feel inspired by what I see. I miss my garden and the greenhouse we built and the animals we had. the grasses were delicate, they moved gracefully in the wind, it was quiet and we had space and room. I long for that space and that quiet. these pictures inspire me to think about more beauty, more peacefulness, more color and happiness. I miss the soil in the garden, hearing the birds singing and just my thoughts of peace and calmness. I am grateful for the beauty I find in the pictures I discover. if it weren't for the beauty I see in them, I would be much more sad and lonely. they give me hope and happiness. I hope you can be outside more and be out in the country more. I hope you can feel that beauty and that peace.

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