Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beautiful art and inspiring photos.......

summer is going by so fast. it's my favorite time of year, so it's hard to see that it's almost August. my birthday is in August so it's also my favorite month of the year. it's been a pretty good summer and we have a lot of fun and done some different things, so i'm happy about that. I hope you have fun seeing all these beautiful photos. I found them on these blogs and websites:


Lynette Scott said...

I love your blog and I visit often. It looks like a lot of work posting the woman with a head scarf against a green and white background? I would love to see more of here work. I used the links at the bottom of your post but, after trawling through many pages I have been unable to find it. Do you know whose painting it is?
Thanks again.

Lynette Scott (Belgrave, Australia) said...

Hello again Debbie,
I should have edited that comment before I hit the "enter" button.I am trying to find out who painted the woman with the head scarf and flowers set against the green and white background.
Thanks again