Thursday, February 13, 2014

The innocense of children and the love of being alive.......

I hardly ever really write on my blog.....just pretty busy, but sure feeling like talking to people more and sharing what's going on in my life lately. My husband Mike and I are both artists and love doing art so much. Wish we could do art all the time. We work though, teaching art to adults with disabilities......people with autism, down syndrome, brain damage, etc. It's difficult sometimes. there's so many people, they kind of just bounce of the walls and each other. Too much going on for people to have any peace of mind or to feel and enjoy their own space and thoughts. Sometimes, we're lucky and have some nice quiet, calm time to work individually with a few people who love to paint and that's really fun. We wish we could work with children though. they are the most incredible naturally talented and full of imagination and humor. I love how they just live and laugh at things and are hardly ever bothered by things. They are so true to what life can be.
We used to live in Washington state.....such a beautiful, gorgeous place to be. We miss it terribly but we love Utah, too. We even miss the rain and the cloudy, overcast days of Washington. Sometimes those days of dreary weather seem to inspire us, maybe because it gives a moody feeling. We miss walking in the Olympic national forest.....walking through the dense, thick ferns and moss and trees. It's such a breathtaking place, filled with mystery and quiet beauty.
We have a granddaughter here though and our son his wife. They live about an hour away from us. So it's hard to leave them. But we miss our older son and his wife who live so far Long Beach, California. We don't get to see them enough at all. Sometimes, I just can't believe that we only see our son once or twice a year......when we used to be with him every single day. It's hard to have your children live so far from you. I keep hoping and praying that we can all live in the same city someday again, like we used to.
Hope you're having a great winter. It's such a long time before spring and summer, my more favorite times of year. Hope you're happy and having fun. Love to hear from you!!


Sabrina R. Molinar said...

I know exactly how you feel being away from your child. My only child lives about two hours away,but his school and work schedules make it hard to see him very often. I truly cherish the time I do have with him.

riska imut said...

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