Tuesday, November 05, 2013

we wonder about life.....

how we wonder about life. we look out a window or gaze at distant trees and feel there is something quietly sitting near us......a presence, a feeling, perhaps the spirit of someone or an event in the past that has touched our lives in some miraculous, amazing, unexplained way. life is more than we can imagine and yet we imagine so much in our minds and in our hearts. what is that gap, that space.....that eludes us, like a whispering wind or a breath.....that speaks to us but not with words. it talks in a spiritual, languageless world, a way of talking that something far away in us understands.

i wish i understood everything. i wish i knew how every person felt. there are so many people in the world that enter our lives, perhaps for just a fleeting, brief moment, whom we wonder about and find our eyes squinting and asking ourselves.....why is it that that person seems so familiar to me? something finite binds us, holds humanity together with such a silken, quiet thread. i know it is god. perhaps someone else might feel it is different. no matter, really. just words, definitions and thought processes that equal our personalities but not our vast ability to love one another behind that place called known. we are tied together, us in this human world by something very unusual. it is beautiful, it is quiet and it knows so much more than we do, and yet it never acts like it is more knowledgeable than we. it is equal in our steps and equal in our breath. perhaps it is just a tiny shell who smiles at us as we walk by it on the beach. the shell remembers us forever, it is that tiny friend that is still holding our hand, when we walk away.....hundreds of yards and miles from that tiny spot on the sand.

these beautiful photos are from tumblr

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