Sunday, September 29, 2013

More of my paintings!!

I love to paint. There is something about the beauty of the colors, the ease and movement of the paint and the lovely way it all blends and turns into a wonderful story. These are some more of my paintings; I may have posted them before but just wanted to share them with you again. Would love to know what you think of them. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.
 I just awoke from a nap and feel so rested. Our heat is out in our apartment so it is somewhat chilly but after sleeping, I somehow feel comfortable and very cozy. Winter is beginning to set in here; it is sad in some ways as I love summer so much. I love wearing capris and summer shoes, just walking about in the sunshine enjoying the flowers and the green of the trees. I find myself, in the wonderful days of summer, talking to the trees, telling them how glorious and beautiful they are, how they bring such joy to my heart and to my soul. The birds, too, have a way of bringing such happiness to my feelings; they are like happy little children in the summer, laughing and singing to each other.....oblivious to the noise of the cars, the business of the people around them as they create a little world of sweetness and beauty.

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All beautiful art pieces! Awesome