Wednesday, March 13, 2013

oh joy! spring is finally here!!!

                                                   a great blog......called chou

all is full of

                                                                    cathy cullis, such a great artist


the drifter and the gypsy

                                                                kickcan and conkers

hi everyone. it feels like winter has lasted 10 years here. have been dealing with the worst cough i've ver had in my life. after having pneumonia for a month, i somehow developed a very bad cough that just hasn't gone away. finally feeling like it's going to go away. on some stronger medicine. really see that i need to take better care of myself. anyway, warmer weather is here and i just absolutely love it!! hope you are feeling the thaw of spring where you are, too! have fun and be nice.


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Kim Corey said...

Pneumonia, oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear that Debbie! I'm so very glad that spring has found you. Seems it will be a while here, yet, but soak up all you can! Do you have blooming trees and bulbs yet?
Best wishes!