Saturday, February 02, 2013

There is always time to feel life......

                                                   from emma cassi's lovely blog
emma cassi again

emma cassi, incredible lace

fine little day (you might click on to see better, so cute)

from lambert nyc blog

emma cassi, delicate, amazing frames

from pinterest

sorry can't remember where i found this great picture

kickcan and conkers

mariann clancy

lambert nyc blog

mick alister

post patternism blog
(this is so precious. i wish i could just hold this little rabbit so he wouldn't feel so sad)

i have been sick all week with a cold, terrible cough, etc., etc. so tired of all of it, but think i am going to be ok. when you're sick, you have so much time to sleep and rest and think about things. i really miss all of my mom (who lives in washington state), my dad (who passed away quite a while ago), our son and his wife who live in california, our other son and his wife and our precious little granddaughter. we used to live so close to each other, but now are sort of all over the place. miss my brothers, grandparents, etc. family is so important, more important than anything in life. hope you have time to be with your family and let them know how much you care about them. they are all that really matter. family and dear friends.


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