Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hoping to attend AVAM's opening of exhibit with our art!!

Hello everyone.....

I wanted to mention again that our beautiful art work is going to be in the amazing American Visionary Art Museum in a year long exhibit called "The Art of Storytelling". We are so excited because the museum (AVAM) is the 4th top museum in the U.S. and is also considered by many in the art world, one of the best museums in the world. So, to have our art there is truely an incredible, amazing blessing.

The exhibit opens this Friday, October 6th. We are hoping that we will be able to attend the opening night of the exhibit as many wonderful people will be there to see the exhibit. Rebecca Hoffberger has created the most magical, wondrous display of our Fairy Treehouses, Fairy Furniture, Paintings and little Forest Characters; noone has ever shown our work in such a beautiful, breathtaking way. So, we really would love to be there at the opening.

We're hoping that we can sell lots of our artwork (on our Etsy shops) so that we can pay for the flight to Baltimore (this Friday morning), so I'm doing this post to encourage any of you who like our artwork to visit our Etsy shops and see if there's something you would like to have for your very own! We have so many beautiful paintings, sculptures, collages, nature art and other wonderful pieces. So, let me know if you would like to purchase any of our artwork. You would be helping Mike and I to be able to attend the opening which we would be a dream come true, once in a lifetime experience! 

Thank you dear friends and I am so grateful that you visit my blog. It means so very, very much to me!


Here is the link to AVAM's website with an article about the exhibit and mention of us in it:

And here are our art websites:

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