Monday, June 27, 2011

light and beautiful and funny

how is your summer going? it started so late it seems, here at least. winter went on and on in utah, but i think it might have been the same elsewhere. it is very hot here, not condusive to spending any time outside during the middle of the day, which is disheartening for us, because we'd love to be outside, walking under the trees, spending time in a lovely garden, or visiting with friends out on the lawn with iced herb tea and stories and rememberances. i miss having a yard. we live in an apartment building and although there is a huge bird-filled tree in the front yard, we live near a somewhat busy street so we don't very often feel moved to sitting out in the front yard. i do step out the door sometimes, standing there in the doorway and listen to the sweet birds singing and calling to one another. it's lovely and also melancholy and beautiful. birds are wonderful. i don't know (and wouldn't want to know) what the world would be like without the language and fragilness of birds.
i have posted more lovely photos for you, found from various blogs online. please email me if you'd like to know the addresses for the blogs. i spend so much time visiting blogs, i would really like to put together a wonderful book with some of the artists i find. there are so many incredible, creative and sensitive people in the world. thank goodness for them.
i would love to hear from you.....hope you are having a lovely day.

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