Monday, November 15, 2010

dreams of happiness

with winter here, i am sad in some ways to see the leaves have lost their beautiful green leaves, but there is still a lovely, quiet and stark beauty to the bare branches as they move gently in the winter wind. birds sit quiety on the telephone wires, facing a faraway place, perhaps dreaming of spring and summer and the warmth of the sun. the fall leaves float down together in large groups, as if they are dancing together. it is beautiful, but i will miss the green leaves all winter, dreaming of the sunshine of spring and the flittering, fluttering excitement of new life as the snow melts and we can run outside in our shorts and summer tops. how fun summer is. i was born in the summer, in august and it is my most favorite month of the year. but december is on it's way with christmas and that is beautiful, too. i hope your day is blessed with lovely things and lovely thoughts of beauty......

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