Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wish more people would comment on my blog.......

Hello everyone.......
Kind of a gloomy, over cast day here. The weather has been so cold lately and it's already May. I can't wait for it to get warmer; I'm so tired of winter. I wish we could live somewhere that has nice, mild, wonderful weather.......does such a place exist? Anyway, I hope your springtime is nicer than what we are having here.
I really wish more people would comment on my blog. I hardly ever get comments. It makes me sad because that is part of the reason I have a blog......because I love hearing from people so much. I work as a Nanny two days a week and although I love the children I take care of, I really miss being with adults, just to talk and feel like I am a part of things. I get so lonely sometimes; being by myself so much isn't good. I'm trying to find a job, but nothing yet. There's so many things I would enjoy doing......would love to work in the arts somehow, of course, but I would even love working in an office, if it was an interesting environment. Or working at a book store, a gift shop.......just can't seem to find anything. So, I hope you'll leave some comments on my blog always cheers me up. Hope you have a wonderful day!!
(photo from the blog "beauty comma"). I love this picture. It's so wonderful to have a friend.


Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie~ I feel bad that I haven't commented before now, I do love your blog and check on it every day to see if there is something new....
I do LOVE the pictures that you post and marvel at your ability to find such beauty. I often find myself thinking of them throughout the day. It certainly makes my day pleasanter!
I hope you can find a place to live where you can be happier. I love where I live and feel very lucky. But I spent some miserable years in places I hated and learned that it really is important, to me anyway (and it sounds like to you too), to live somewhere that makes me happy. I sympathize with your dissatisfaction with city life, and I think I would just shrivel up and die if I lived in one for any length of time. People sure are different though - my sister loves city life and feels energized by it.
I hope you keep posting in your lovely blog and I will try to comment more so you know how much I appreciate it.

oldflowers4me said...

oh i do come to visit.....i love your blogworld...singing and skipping jo

Andrea said...

Hi Debbie -- heard from your mom all about your great new ventures - you guys are always finding something new & exciting! I didn't realize you had such an extensive internet presence! Wow, all the variety in your art, your's and Mike's, amazing! And where do all the unique photos come from?
Just love your fairy houses & furniture;I was trying to find Mike's rabbit sculpture your mother told me about but haven't found it yet...?? Best wishes for your venture out East...and possibly to Europe..?!