Thursday, March 18, 2010

farewell winter, the sprigs are blooming

(pictures from these blogs......) monpetitciel
la bonne femme,
la bonne femme,
kevin hedgecock,
joanna newsom,
joanna newsom,
jamie shelman,
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daniel milton,
secret puppet chamber, boston public library;
a refocused life,
abby try again,
abby try again./
"the winter brustery, blustery, blistering of cold is seeping away to somewhere, a where of an unknown, forgotten corner, forgotten but remembered only for the shores of white fallen snow, if only it weren't so cold and remembered, we would recall it's beauty and brightness, but to remember it's silken white animals and stark air.
winter falls away as the new sprigs of spring dance lightly back into our memory; we can feel it's warm arms around the earth as it heals and hustles out the black of winter. spring is bright, spring is light and bright and beautiful. footsteps waunder about on warm earth and leaves, small hands discovering a new flower, just born,
in the small, remembered earth of spring".
by debbie

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