Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More wondrous blogs and some thoughts.......

again, i have found more beautiful, magical blogs that fill my mornings up with such wonder and excitement......
first 1st picture is of Fiona from "The Secret of Roan Innish". it is my most favorite movie of all time. if you haven't seen it, i know you would fall in love with it, too. it is an irish movie, filled with fairytale feelings and a story that is wondrous, too. i've seen it 20 or more times. i never tire of watching it. it is magical!
the other photos come from.......
vox popoli,
79 ideas (blog),
aurelie alvarez,
brocantess (blog),
open (australian blog),
some other blogs that i have found that are so wonderful.......
manon 21,
jessie chorley,
it followed me home,
la bonne femme,
la pomme stories (etsy),
l'e dans l'a,
ada & darcy,
a thing for (blog),
bohemian vintage,
nectar & light.
i have been working on a new story, trying to work on it every day. what a challenge that is, to be consistent. i so often start a project and then leave it half finished. there is a part of me, though, that feels that is necessary or alright to do, as if i know subconcienciously that at some point i will continue to work on that creation. sometimes i like things unfinished, anyway. we all have a feeling of overworking things sometimes, i think. the most beautiful things are sometimes unplanned, unfinished, underworked, like children do.
i am a nanny for 3 four year olds right now. at first, i wasn't sure i could take care of all of them. they are from 3 different families and are all very different themselves. but we are having the most fun and getting along so well. they are so funny, too. they amaze me. what a great life they have ahead of them. such enthusiasm and humor and light within their hearts. i really enjoy them and am finding that i so look forward to seeing them.
i hope you can spend some time with children. they are such mood changers......if you are sad or upset, they will definitely help you to smile and see the good and beauty in life.
have a wonderful day!


Kim said...

Just found your blog. How wonderful it is. How wonderful you must be to be my age and nanny 3 four year olds. Would I have the patience? I'm not sure...but I know they can be so entertaining and are so smart..they are of a different realm I've heard. I may have the energy and patience if I weren't working full time at another job. You seem to have a full artistic life and those children will benefit from it. Glad to stop by your blog often. Kim

Mandy said...

I love this post so much, Bright Star was the most amazing visual film, and all the other photos are beautiful !!!

Fée Citrouille said...

Sophie Digard was made some costum for Jane Campion's film.

Leigha said...

Something so whimsical about this collection of images.