Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fashion......amazing, elegant, beautiful, quirky.

how lovely, how sweet, how utterly beautiful and breathtaking.....
these fashion creations are so inspiring to me. I have really been fascinated by fashion this last year and lately, I have found so many incredible pictures of beautiful fashion design.....just breathtakingly beautiful. I have even been thinking of designing some clothing myself. I love fabric, color, texture, design, line and the artistry of making a person look truely beautiful. I have never been very adept at using a pattern to sew; I seem to be too impatient to follow a pattern which probably isn't very professional, but I do feel I have a good sense of design and could make some really spectacular and very unique clothing. My husband and I were at an art show in Seattle one year with our Nature Art and someone told me I should be a fashion designer! She said I had a very good sense of style and could make beautiful clothes. I was so excited to have someone give me that kind of encouragement.....I've never forgotten that. It's amazing how even just one comment can sometimes give us the momentum to follow our dreams and our inklings to try something new.
Here is where I found some of the pictures above: (Fantastic websites and blogs!!!)
* Abundance
* A View To
* Daisy Pink Cupcake
* The Drifter and the Gypsy
* J De Santa Fe
* Jacqleen Bleu
* The Journey Might be the Destination
* Moodboard
I hope you are feeling and seeing the beauty in this life and taking time for yourself to create something of your soul and spirit to share with the world!!


oldflowers4me said...

very very dreamy-

isabelle said...

your blog enjoys me, I put it in my blog is me for my english...)

fée un voeu said...

It's always a moment of poetry and beauty
to come here !!!

raquel rose said...

i love the rabbit girl, it's a bit dark, but i suppose that is where i am right now (because i have to constrain my mind to writing a composition paper.... when all i want to do is create art via music and poetry.)

you always post such inspiring things.
I LOVE the post about the little huts and hovels and tree houses. amazing.

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