Wednesday, July 23, 2008

VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! Our beautiful Fairy Treehouse and little Fairy Furniture are going to be featured in FAERIE MAGAZINE!!! We are so very excited! The article will be out in their next upcoming issue in 2 WEEKS!!! (The photo here is of the previous issue). So, we hope you will look for the magazine and see the beautiful feature they did on us. It was so wonderful to work with them, especially the editor Kim Cross. She is so sweet and such a nice person. It's a very different magazine and really fascinating. Hope you'll look for the issue; should be out on newsstands around the 4th of August!! Have Fun! Debbie

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sabrina said...

i love that magazine,and it will be so exciting to see the article about you!
oh,and let me know if you want another packet of odds and ends,i've got more if you'd like it.